new performance of radius of action

Loren Chasse, Matt Hannafin, and Branic Howard recently made a new realisation and recording of the range of outside factors influencing it, as well as its own radius of action at the Portland Garment Factory. Their recording includes traces of the previous performances from a river bank in Devon, a bar in Berlin, and my […]

different water environments

I’ve been collaborating with chemical engineers Mirella Di Lorenzo and Jon Chouler from University of Bath for the past few months as part of a project supported by South West Crucible that brings together scientists and composers. Their work is with microbial fuel Cells (MFCs), devices that generate electricity from any sort of domestic, industrial or […]

new #[unassigned]

I’m working on the first new piece to stem from my previous #[unassigned] project since 2009. Simon Reynell asked me to make a long version for a future another timbre release, working with Apartment House. We’ll be recording in Huddersfield in the middle of April in a session which will also include pieces by Joseph Kudirka which […]

creaking and talking in Oxford

I’ve just had two weekends in Oxford at unrelated events within about 20 metres of each other. On 6-7 March I was an invited speaker at the Authorship in Music RMA Study Day hosted by the Faculty of Music and Wadham College. I spoke about game compositions, focusing on work by John Zorn, Christian Wolff, and […]

location composite #7

Here are a couple of photos of the performance and audience scores from location composite #7: Standlake which I made for Bruno Gaustalla, Eric Clarke and Sarah Verny Caird. I’ll edit these into the final score soon.

you and me

Here’s a short film of the performance I did with Manuel Zurria at the Italian Cultural Institute in London last week. The idea was for Manuel to play pieces with each of the composers, and a solo by Sciarrino. In addition to playing my piece lots and lots for us to do, he played pieces by […]

London Odda Oslo Huddersfield

I’ve got a few performances coming up in the next month or so. Firstly, I’ll be playing with Manuel Zurria at the Italian Cultural Institute in London on 2 October as part of a project where he has asked composers to write him pieces in which they also play. We’ll be giving the first performance of […]

deciding what to do

Here’s another video of one of the pieces from the series I’m developing titled things to do. I was in Bristol at the Arnolfini in August working with the excellent Set Ensemble, making some recordings of my piece I decide what it is I am going to do as part of a residency they had organised. In […]

they said what to do

Here’s the video of my piece you say what to do (2014) performed by Mark Knoop and Serge Vuille with audience volunteers (including me) at the SPOR Festival in Denmark in May. The video has come out really well, and the difference in urgency between the two groups is very apparent.  

somewhere a field

Here’s the film of the realisation Paul Whitty and I made of my piece the range of outside factors influencing it, as well as its own radius of action a couple of weeks ago. The piece involves a source recording from a different location being played back, with players reinforcing sounds in both the recording and immediate […]

instruments with recordings in Bristol

Here’s a film of our performance of instruments with recordings from the set at Cafe Kino in Bristol earlier in the year. Thanks to Seth Cooke for the video.

what you must do is watch this

I’ve finally managed to edit together some documentation of the performance of what you must do, rather than must not do (2012) by Dedalus Ensemble at The Forge in October 2012. We had three cameras, but they all had different aspect ratios and formats. After some playing around with far too many video conversion packages than […]

Stewart Lee tells them what to do

Here’s a video of my piece I tell you what to do performed by Stewart Lee and Magnitude Music at the Village Underground as part of the Spitalfields Festival. It’s another piece in the series things to do, which uses spoken cues to instruct musicians to make sounds in four different categories. This piece has a […]

everybody do this

Here’s the film of the performance by Plus Minus, Material and City University Experimental Music Group from 8 April in City’s Performance Space. We had a few problems ending the piece, but found a solution in the end.

everybody do this

Here’s a video of last week’s first performance of my piece everybody do this by Material in Bath. This is the second piece in the series things to do, and the next two pieces will be performed in May and June. We’re having a go at everybody do this again in London on 8 April at City University […]

#[unassigned] reassigned (possibly)

Since scanning all the available versions of #[unassigned] that I could find in my room, and converting all the files I had on my laptop, I now have a virtually complete archive of the piece (screenshot as evidence). I’ve been thinking through what to do with it, and am considering making the piece available once […]

location composites site

I’ve just made a new micro-site for the location composites project, which I’m beginning to expand. Following last week’s performance of location composite #6: Waterloo Station at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in London, I’ve been thinking more widely about the way in which the composites might work. I’m planning a few more versions at the moment, […]


175 East are performing the piece I made in 2012 for lots of sustaining sounds, AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED DEVICES BEING TURNED ON AND OFF, on Sunday 9 March at Q Theatre in Auckland. The piece involves a group of people working through a series of devices, which might include radios, drill, fans and other […]

upcoming performances

I’ve got a few performances on the horizon over the next couple of months, beginning with Will Montgomery’s POLYproject>5 event at Centre for Creative Collaboration in London, which is a performance of location composite #6: Waterloo Station, London using text descriptions provided by poets Amy Cutler, Andrew Spragg and Chris McCabe. On 8 March, Luke Nickel […]


Some of my scores are now available to buy as part of a limited edition produced by BORE (Sarah Hughes and David Stent). It’s the second edition they’ve made, after last year’s issue #1, comprising unpublished scores by James Tenney. Issue #2 features pieces by me and Tim Parkinson. Alongside some of Tim’s songs, which […]


It’s taken a while but I think I’m beginning to find a solution to the problem of generality and specificity which has been bothering me for a while. I posted on generality last year, and gave a talk about it at Goldsmiths in October, but essentially the concern is that as a composer I make a […]

so many territories

I’ve just finished a new piece for Plus Minus, which they’ll be performing in London on 8 April in a portrait concert at City University. It’s called so many territories and is a modular piece which for now is scored for clarinet, cello, piano and accordion. As you can see from the photo of the four […]

#[unassigned] archived

I know this is a little sad, but I was very excited to find out that our photocopiers at Bath Spa have a function where you can scan A3 pages – with a sheet feeder – and automatically convert them to PDFs and get them emailed to you directly. About seven years ago, I started […]

interview at Avant Music News

Daniel Barbiero has just interviewed me for Avant Music News. We talk about verbal scores, modularity and the sonic properties of materials. You can read the interview at the AMN website. Most of the answers were written on a plane somewhere over Holland.

new location composite score

The score for location composite #4: The reading Room, Carrick-on-Shannon is now on the location composite page. There were 24 descriptions submitted by visitors to the Hunter’s Moon Festival from 25-26 October 2013, with some very intriguing texts. As this was a short installation of the piece, the score is complete and won’t be updated as with […]

new piece for SPOR festival

I’m making a new piece for the SPOR festival in Aarhus for May. It’s going to be played by Mark Knoop and Serge Vuille and is one of the four pieces which makes up the group things to do. This is the set that includes a piece I wrote in 2012 for Dedalus ensemble called what you […]

your book is overdue

I began sending out some circulated book pieces in 2008 and have recently begun wondering where they are in the world. Although in the instructions for each I explicitly asked not to be contacted prior to their completion, I am now quite curious as to their whereabouts. So if you are reading this and received […]

interspersed with string quartets and organic food

I’ve just returned from the Rainy Days festival in Luxembourg where the Arditti Quartet gave the first performance of the piece commissioned for them by the festival. The piece was played in a wonderful event which ran from 12-7pm in the Salle de Musique in the astonishing Philharmonie, comprising five sets from the quartet. The […]

New release on NMC

The version of #[unassigned] which I made for Apartment House in 2004 has been re-released by NMC on their new Digital Discoveries series. Most of the recordings are of pieces by composers who were part of the BMIC’s New Voices scheme, and the issue is a link between Sound and Music and the rehoused British Music […]

location composite #4 at Hunter’s Moon Festival

The Hunter’s Moon Festival is now underway in Carrick-on-Shannon, and the next part in my location composite series has been installed as part of the score trail. It was organised by Caroline and Jennifer Walshe, and uses shops in the town as sites for scores. I made a cut out book and placed the score inside, […]

Several 2nds at Arnolfini

On Wednesday I took part in the Several 2nds series at Arnolfini in a session organised by Andy Keep in which we worked through four of my pieces with a fantastic group of Bristol musicians. It was a great opportunity to work on some pieces afresh, and to try out some new ideas which might […]

location composite #4

I’ve just made a new location composite which expands the way the project works slightly. Pieces #1-3 all use geocaches as score locations, with cachers responding to the aural environment they find themselves in and sending me text descriptions of sounds which become instructions for musicians in the resultant pieces. In the latest edition, location composite #4: The […]

location composite #1

There have been some more performances of location composite #1: Portbury Wharf recently, including one at the Hansard Gallery in Southampton by Bang the Bore. There’s a poetic review at ATTN: magazine (which looks like an interesting site – I’d not com across this before but some good content here), and some great photos. Really pleased to […]

with paper

Here’s a lovely video of the Kammer Klang performance of with paper by Lucy Railton and Serge Vuille at Cafe Oto on 4 March. The synchronisation and differences work really well.

new piece for Arditti Quartet

I’m working on a new piece for the Arditti Quartet at the moment for the Rainy Days festival in Luxembourg in December. The festival is focusing this year on long, slow pieces, so they’ve asked me to write something very short for string quartet. There’s some more information about the festival and the full programme […]

Berlin action

The New Silence gave the first performance of my piece the range of outside factors influencing it, as well as its own radius of action (2012) in Berlin last night. They asked for something for their ongoing series of ambient interventions at the bar O Tannenbaum last year, and it fitted in with some ideas about location […]

Japanese surfaces

Simon Limbrick realised another performance of our collaboration surfaces yesterday at the Sainsbury’s Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures in Norwich as part of their exhibition Washi: The Art of Japanese Paper. The performance was streamed live again, so I managed to see Simon gradually reducing the materials to a pile of scraps […]

what you must do on the radio

Johnny Chang organised a collaboration between Avant Gardening, a show on Dunedin radio, and Raudio Aasland on in Berlin last week. The show made an arrangement of my piece what you must do, rather than must not do for two live radio transmissions and three performers, working with their physical displacement and the way the […]


I’ve just found some time to upload some more recent recordings of pieces as the sounds page had nothing after 2006, which needed rectifying. I got a little carried away and managed to collect some of the videos which have appeared in posts over the past year or so on the films page too. All […]

new circulated book piece

I’ve just made a new circulated book piece called six surfaces, all of the same dimensions but otherwise different and am about to send it on its way. It involves making a recording of an object dragged across six different surfaces which are supplied in a folder. Each recipient replaces one of the surfaces with a […]

what you must do

I had a very quick return trip to London on Tuesday to hear Dedalus play my piece what you must do, rather than must not do. It was written for them and Apartment House as part of the ensemble exchange programme they were running, which saw the same programme performed in Montpelier in the Sonorités festival, […]


I’m going to begin uploading a few scores for free download over the next month or so. They are mostly going to be the few verbal scores I’ve made, including with paper, the location composites series, and a few others. To begin with I’ve added with paper as it exists as a PDF which can […]

Wandelweiser und so weiter

Another Timbre have just released Wandelweiser und so weiter,  a 6-CD boxed set of recordings by the Wandelweiser composers, and those whose work has some relation to theirs. It’s been a mammoth undertaking by Simon Reynell, and includes a very interesting group of performers. I’ve got a couple of pieces included, taken from my series divisions that […]

murmuration at Cafe Oto

Saturday was a very good day. Simon Reynell had organised what was, I believe, the biggest ensemble to perform at Cafe Oto, comprising a group of c.40 players as part of the launch of the new Another Timbre boxed set Wandelweiser und so weiter. As it turned out, the standard new music concern of ensemble […]

environmental sounds in Bristol

After a lot of driving around this evening, I finally managed to find The Scout Hut at Redcliffe Wharf in Bristol. Dominic Lash had organised a performance there with Set Ensemble – it really is a scout hut (complete with knots and bells), although the capitalisation gives it more of an allure. Great venue though, […]

a lot of mess

Here’s a recording made by Matt Davies of our performance of a new piece I made for the Cage 100 event in Bristol last week. It’s called AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED DEVICES BEING TURNED ON AND OFF and was performed at the end of the show. We each sourced as many electrical and mechanical devices […]

object network

I’ve been making a new piece over the last week or so for performance at the Cage concert in Bristol on 5 September. It’s called object network and uses a network of points connected by lines, drawn by hand on a variety of different surfaces. Each score is individually made and unique. To perform the score, […]

Cage 100 at Artspace

Cage 100 at Artspace College, Bristol Artspace College Project, Timsbury Walk, Knowle, Bristol BS3 5JJ Starts at 8:00pm. Join us for a celebration of the life and work of John Cage on Wednesday 5th September 2012, 100 years since his birth. Bristol-based musicians, composers, and artists will perform and exhibit works by Cage, works inspired […]

eight panels recording

Here’s the recording of my piece eight panels from St Andrews last month. There’s a bit of interference unfortunately (turn those phones off!). eight panels

new geocaches deposited

I’ve just started to expand my location composite series by placing some new caches. The first one was placed on a nature reserve near my house about 18 months ago, and I’ve been meaning to continue the series ever since. After considering possible locations, I’ve decided to work my way along the Avon Gorge to Bristol […]

[rout] performance at Kings Place

Here’s a video of an excerpt from my piece nothing reveals itself without at the same time concealing something else performed by [rout] at Lost & Found at Kings Place on 15 July.

Audiograft at Kings Place

There was a repeat performance of the Audiograft event Lost and Found at Kings Place yesterday, organised by Paul Whitty. It featured performances by [rout], Kerry Yong, The Albion Players, and Parkinson Saunders. Tim and I played his four songs 2011, and [rout] played a couple of pieces from my series divisions that could be autonomous but […]

eight panels

My new piece for eight soprano saxophones, eight panels, was performed yesterday in St Andrews at the World Saxophone Congress. The piece was commissioned by the reed manufacturer RICO. It was a very interesting weekend, and I was really pleased with the performance by a group of fantastic players: Philippe Braquart, Eleri Ann Evan, Jean-Denis Michat, Lars Mlekusch, Henrique Portovedo, […]

foraging for sounds

I’ve been in St Andrews for a couple of days for the World Saxophone Congress to hear the new piece for eight saxophones that was commissioned by RICO, the reed manufacturer. I had some time on Saturday, so went for a long walk along the beach next to the Old Course. Apart from being adopted […]

new pieces for saxophones

I’ve just finished a new piece for eight saxophones, titled eight panels. It was a commission from Rico, the reed manufacturer, for performance at the World Saxophone Congress in St. Andrews in July. The piece was a request from Eleri Ann Evans, and I’ve also made a short piece for her and her duo partner, […]

template (with alterations) at the wulf

A version of my piece template (with alterations) was performed at the wulf in Los Angeles in March, in an event organised by Christine Tavolacci. Here’s a short video of the performance, played by Brian Walsh (clarinet), Cassia Streb (viola) and Antares Boyle (flute).

performance in Paris

Dedalus ensemble are performing my piece location composite #1: Portbury Wharf in Paris as part of their Semaine Wandelweiser series at Bois de Vincennes on 29 April. The piece takes verbal descriptions of a location near where I live, written by geocachers. Since installing the cache last year, there have been about 25 finds, which have […]

nothing reveals itself without at the same time concealing something else

Here’s another video from the recent Audiograft festival in Oxford, featuring a lovely performance by [rout] of the piece I wrote for them last year called nothing reveals itself without at the same time concealing something else. The piece involves the ensemble playing long tones with some overlap, such that some are covered or uncovered by […]

new piece completed

I’ve just finished a pair of pieces for Dominic Lash and Patrick Farmer which they are going to record in April. It’s possibly the beginning of a series with the title overlay, and is related to another piece I made in 2010, template (with alterations). The two overlay pieces are for solo low instruments: (1) is […]

new notebook

I think I’ve finally cracked the notebook situation. Since filling my MUJI B5 ringbinder notebooks a couple of years ago I’ve been struggling to find an alternative system. I posted previously about looking for another modular system which worked for me, settling in the end on A4 sheets and a folder as a way of […]


Here’s a picture of [rout] rehearsing for a performance of my piece nothing reveals itself without at the same time concealing something else for Audiograft in Oxford on 1 March. They are also playing imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent, and I’ll be performing with Parkinson Saunders, doing some new songs by Tim. There’s some information […]

from scratch

Jennie Gottschalk has posted an interesting review of the From Scratch project which I was involved in with Basel Sinfonietta at the Sound Expanse blog. She touches on the influence of the Scratch Orchestra on the pieces played in the concert, in light of various discussions in relation to the project. From my point of […]

things whole and not whole (again)

Here’s an extract from the rehearsal with Basel Sinfonietta in Martinskirche, Basel, the day before the first performance. You can see the way the players respond to each other’s cues, and the range of sound selections they made. They were absolutely wonderful to work with, and really explored the possibilities for making sound within the […]

things whole and not whole (on radio)

The Huddersfield performance can be heard on BBC iPlayer for the next couple of days (UK only I think). The programme also has the pieces by Jürg Frey, Christian Wolff and Michael Parsons, as well as some other bits from hcmf. I have a short chat with Robert Worby before the excerpt that they play, […]

things whole and not whole (on TV)

An excerpt from my piece for Basel Sinfonietta was broadcast on the Swiss TV programme Was Lauft on 9 November. They filmed bits of the second half of the concert, which included my piece and Christian Wolff’s Spring Two. The programme also had a feature on Mike and the Mechanics as part of an 80s […]

last distribution study

The final distribution study is being performed today at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. Olaf Nicolai commissioned twelve composers to write pieces to be performed by the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart on the steps of the museum on twelve Sundays in 2011 through his project Escalier du Chant. I decided to make one piece for each […]

things whole and not whole

I’ve been working with Basel Sinfonietta and conductor Manuel Nawri over the past few weeks as they prepared for the first performances of the orchestra piece I made for them, things whole and not whole. The piece uses rules pertaining to bird flocking, building on research by Craig Reynolds in the 1980s. The players set […]

imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent

Edges Ensemble gave a lovely performance of my piece imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent on Monday at hcmf. It was a carefully choreographed event, with pieces by Tim Parkinson, Michael Parsons, Christian Wollf and Stefan Thut  being played without a break. They are a great group, all students in Huddersfield, organised by Philip Thomas. I […]

morning surfaces

I’m back in the room with Simon now, having had a little sleep. I’ve been looking at the way some of the work he’s done has developed. There’s a sheet hanging at the back of the room with a load of squares drawn on it. When I left last night at about 2am, it only […]

surfaces underway

Simon Limbrick is currently performing his realisation of surfaces at hcmf. I’ve been popping in and out of the space today, and it’s been interesting to see what has changed on returning. There’s now quite a lot of mess on the table as the materials start to get broken down into debris of various proportions. […]


  The website for surfaces is now up and running, and there will be a live video stream of the performance on 19-20 November at hcmf. Before that, Simon is working on the piece as part of a residency at Aldbeurgh, during the TEDx conference. He’ll be doing a short presentation as part of that event, […]

surfaces website

There’s now a website that will document the project I’m doing with Simon Limbrick for hcmf// this year. The piece is called surfaces and is part of an ongoing project, on the sonic properties of materials, which investigates the way in which sounds can be elicited from simple materials. There are some pictures of the […]

another realisation

Ard van der Horst has just sent me a great film of his realisation of various distinct spatial and temporal locations. He says ‘Coffee cup provided by Lungoccino ( – best coffee in Amsterdam, where I always buy my morning coffee before work. Realised on a colleague’s desk while the sun shone, 8:30 am local […]

coffee cup surface

Richard Glover pointed me towards this item, which seems like a likely possibility for realising various distinct spatial and temporal locations. Çurface is an industrial surface made from compressed coffee and melted coffee cups, although you’d still need a coffee cup to realise the piece. In the meantime, have a look at Johnny Chang’s video […]

interview with Simon Reynell

I’ve been doing a short correspondence interview with Simon Reynell at another timbre in advance of the release of the CD of divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole. You can read it at the another timbre website, where there’s also details of the CD itself.

various distinct spatial or temporal locations

I’ve just finished a new piece which can be realised by anyone using a takeaway coffee cup and a surface. I’ve used this method of sound production in quite a few pieces, but here it is focused on a single action lasting between 40″ – 1’20”. All realisations of the piece constitute a single performance […]


Simon Limbrick visited me in Bath last week to continue our work for the piece we’re making for hcmf this November. It uses surfaces as the sound sources, activated by other surfaces, objects, or manipulation. We’re experimenting with materials at the moment, having sourced a variety of papers. Simon will be performing the piece for […]

new CD released on 11 July

The recording of pieces from the series divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole will be released on another timbre on 11 July. There are six pieces from the series on the disc, and there’s some more information available on the label website. I’ve also been working on a correspondence interview with […]

more divisions

Two new pieces in the series divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole are being performed in May. The first of these, certain elements within that situation remained constant was written for Travis Just and will be performed at Incubator Arts in New York on Friday 27 May. The other piece, opposition […]

new circulated book pieces

I sent out two new circulated book pieces recently. In this project, a pocket notebook containing instructions for making the piece is sent to someone who agrees to participate. They follow the instructions, which involve a notation activity, and then pass the book to someone else, and so on. The scores gradually accumulate as they […]