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January 24, 2014 - composition / interviews

Daniel Barbiero has just interviewed me for Avant Music News. We talk about verbal scores, modularity and the sonic properties of materials. You can read the interview at the AMN website. Most of the answers were written on a plane somewhere over Holland.


  1. Alain Desvoies says:

    Hi James,

    I follow your work and at each time, I’m full of admiration of how well you make a very different and personnal approach of the sound editing, of the choice of the texture. Your pieces make me curious and like we spoke last year when i visited you in Bath, i’m always filled of admiration when the gesture is so minimalist, full of simplicity but so lyric. Really this interview allows me to continue the knowledge of your creative process and it’s really interresting.

    See you next,

    Alain. (just to remind, i’m sax teacher in Mende near Montpellier…)

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