from scratch

Jennie Gottschalk has posted an interesting review of the From Scratch project which I was involved in with Basel Sinfonietta at the Sound Expanse blog. She touches on the influence of the Scratch Orchestra on the pieces played in the concert, in light of various discussions in relation to the project. From my point of view, it wasn’t really an issue. When the project was first suggested, it was an opportunity for composers of different generations working in a similar area to make orchestra pieces. I wasn’t aware of the Scratch Orchestra referencing until much later (I’m not sure any of us were), and certainly well after my piece had been formulated. I guess it is a convenient way of grouping the composers together  – Michael co-founded the orchestra, Christian had a relationship with it, Jürg knew of it, and Tim and I know and play the work of these three composers, and in some sense our work is a response to that (as it is everything else we know…).

There’s also a nice review by Scott Mc Laughlin at The Journal of Music.