surfaces underway


Simon Limbrick is currently performing his realisation of surfaces at hcmf. I’ve been popping in and out of the space today, and it’s been interesting to see what has changed on returning. There’s now quite a lot of mess on the table as the materials start to get broken down into debris of various proportions.

Although there’s clearly a visual aspect to the way he’s realising it, I laid down and closed my eyes for twenty minutes and found the way this prioritised the sound gave it more presence. It’s about the sonic properties of the materials primarily, and I was able to concentrate more fully this way. I found that surprising as I don’t normally close my eyes when listening.

The way the light is changing in the room is lovely though, particularly now that it is getting dark. Simon turned the lights off about an hour ago so we’re sitting in the late afternoon gloom, looking over the rooftops towards the football ground where Huddersfield are currently playing Notts County.