Wandelweiser und so weiter

Another Timbre have just released Wandelweiser und so weiter a 6-CD boxed set of recordings by the Wandelweiser composers, and those whose work has some relation to theirs. It’s been a mammoth undertaking by Simon Reynell, and includes a very interesting group of performers.

I’ve got a couple of pieces included, taken from my series divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole. There’s a realisation of with the same material or still, to vary the material played by Neil Davidson, Rhodri Davies, Jane Dickson, Patrick Farmer and Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, all working with bowed objects. The other piece is a short realisation by Simon of various distinct spatial or temporal locations, using a coffee cup, one of my current favoured ways of producing sound (instant amplification of surfaces!).

There a real breadth of work here, from the reduced points of sound in Manfred Werder’s 2 ausführende to John White’s classic Drinking and Hooting Machine. Lots to listen to over the next few weeks.