new piece for SPOR festival

I’m making a new piece for the SPOR festival in Aarhus for May. It’s going to be played by Mark Knoop and Serge Vuille and is one of the four pieces which makes up the group things to do. This is the set that includes a piece I wrote in 2012 for Dedalus ensemble called what you must do, rather than must not do. All the pieces use spoken instructions which direct players to make a range of pre-selected sounds. In the first two pieces of the set, a group of players either instruct each other via recordings (one-to-one), or all players instruct each other as a group (many-to-many). This latter version is everybody do this and is going to be played by Plus Minus Ensemble at City University on 8 April with students from both City and Bath Spa. The piece for SPOR is the third in the set and is titled you say what to do. Here a small group of assistants instruct a single player by bombarding them with instructions (many-to-one). Serge and Mark will do this as two parallel realisations. I’m going to perform it a couple of days later at Kings Place with Tim as part of our Parkinson Saunders event. The final piece is in progress and is a commission from Spitalfields Festival for ensemble with comedian Stewart Lee. He will instruct the ensemble somehow (I’ve not decided yet).