new piece completed

I’ve just finished a pair of pieces for Dominic Lash and Patrick Farmer which they are going to record in April. It’s possibly the beginning of a series with the title overlay, and is related to another piece I made in 2010, template (with alterations). The two overlay pieces are for solo low instruments: (1) is for double bass and (2) is for bass drum. They both comprise slow pulsed and sustained sounds which undergo either small pitch or timbral variations. Each solo piece lasts c. 30 minutes and is recorded multiple times, with the recordings being combined to create a blurred version of the material in which discrepancies in pulse, articulation, timbre and pitch are evident. The two pieces exist separately, or can be played back together, or performed live. overlay shares the idea of a repeatedly layered template with its predecessor template (with alterations), and this is an area I’m working on at the moment with a veiw to expanding it to ensemble contexts.