morning surfaces

November 20, 2011 - composition / surfaces

I’m back in the room with Simon now, having had a little sleep. I’ve been looking at the way some of the work he’s done has developed. There’s a sheet hanging at the back of the room with a load of squares drawn on it. When I left last night at about 2am, it only had a few marked on it, but he’s gradually filled the whole surface now, going back to this, and other actions, over the course of the realisation.

I’ve found that by sitting in on the piece for extended periods over the last 23 hours, I’ve gradually acclimatised to the pacing and focus of Simon’s work. There’s a lovely split between preparatory activities, such as moving surface to and from the work area or gathering tools or objects, and the more focused actions which result in sound production.

From what I can see, he’s used about 250 or so of the 300 cards, coming back to some of them over the course of the realisation.


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