trying to make things fit together (2023)

it is difficult to find the right way to proceed (2023)

looking forwards, looking backwards (2023)

amongst it all, some occasional moments of respite (2023)

it is really hard to focus when there are too many things to do (2023)

performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed (2023)



sequence studies (2020)

conversation with activities (2020)

evolution occurs very slowly or not at all (2020)

things to do (2014-20)
– people do things apart (2020)


they should report on the underlying causes of the input (2019)

things to do (2014-20)
people do things together (2019)


you are required to split your attention between multiple sources of information (2018)

it is impossible for everyone to achieve everything they want (2018)

reaching an acceptable and stable solution (2018)

solutions must be sought which everyone can accept (2018)

things to do (2014-20)
we do what we say, then you do what we say, then we do what you say, then you do what you say (2018)
– you can do what you want unless someone tells you what to do (2018)


know that your actions reflect within the group (2017)

alternate between attention and ease (2017)

things to do (2014-20)
– sometimes we do what you say, but occasionally we don’t (2017)

just noticed or just not noticed (2017)

let it go beyond a certain point (2017)


they are always different, they are always the same (2016)

constant interchange of the most various kinds (2016)

in which one thing depends on another (2016)

things to do (2014-20)
– we tell each other what to do but always listen to you (2016)
– all the things we make you do (2016)

slow sequence (2016)

reassigned (2016- )


all voices are heard (2015)

like you and like you (2015)

different water environments (2015)

things to do (2014-20)
– we gradually have more things to do and
fewer things to say (2015)


things to do (2014-20)
– everybody do this (2014)
– you say what to do (2014)
– lots and lots for us to do (2014)
– I tell you what to do (2014)
– I decide what it is I am going to do (2014)
– choose who tells you what to do (2014)
– we do what you say and say what to do (2014)

positions in the sequence correctly recalled (2014)

overlay (with transience) (2014)

positions in the sequence correctly recalled (2014)

everybody doing what everybody else is doing (2014)

on bare trees (2014)

so many territories (2014)


interspersed sometimes with weeds and brambles (2013)

the difference in potential arising between points of the circuits (2013)

the range of outside factors influencing it, as well as its own radius of action (2013)


239 instances of loss (2008- )

either/or (2008/9)

with paper (2006/8, 2009- )

assigned (2002- )

#[unassigned] (2000-9)

20th century music

twelve pieces (2000)

five pieces (2000)

fingers barely touching (1999)

511 possible mosaics (1999)

scanning trees (1999)

compatibility hides itself (1998)

Like wool (1998)

six pieces (1997)

two pieces for flute (1997)

preventing fluidity (1997)

those birds (1996)

untitled 1-25 (1996-8)