The following texts are available to read through open access. Full bibliographic references and other texts that are subject to publisher copyrights are listed on my research page. I am gradually uploading these texts so all of them will be available soon. My interviews page includes all my published interviews with other composers.

Perfect information: scores as self-evident processes (2024) [p.53]

What do composers do all day? (2) (2023)

What do composers do all day? (2022)

Group behaviours in music (2019)

What’s the point? Balancing purpose and play in rule-based compositions (2017)

Rules and goals in game compositions (2017)

No mapping (2016)

#[unassigned] (2016- )

I tell you what to do: autonomy, control and play in game compositions (2015)

Heuristic models for decision making in rule-based compositions (2015)

things to do (2015)

Specific Objects? Distributed approaches to sourcing sonic materials in open form compositions (2013)

What’s the worst they could do? (2013)

On generality (2013)

Scores as instruments (2012)

G. Douglas Barrett: A Few Silence (2012)

Provoking Sound: notation in the work of the Grupat artists (2011) [writing as Kurt Mathers]

Testing the Consequences: Seriality in the work of the Wandelweiser composers (2011)

What is Wandelweiser? (2011) [with Nicholas Melia]

Mutual Effects: Organization and Interaction in the Orchestral Music of Christian Wolff (2010)

Realising Gavin Bryars’ Far Away and Dimly Pealing (2009)

Rebecca Saunders: traces (2009)

Modular music (2008)

Confined Spaces: A Portrait of Bryn Harrison (2008)

Rebecca Saunders’ Piano Music (2008)

Developing a Modular Music System (2007)

The Dictaphone in my Life (2007)

What are you doing with your music? (2006)

Rebecca Saunders (2004)

Developing a modular approach to music (2003)

Finding time, finding space (1999)