Cage 100 at Artspace

Cage 100 at Artspace

Cage 100 at Artspace College, Bristol
Artspace College Project, Timsbury Walk, Knowle, Bristol BS3 5JJ
Starts at 8:00pm.

Join us for a celebration of the life and work of John Cage on Wednesday 5th September 2012, 100 years since his birth. Bristol-based musicians, composers, and artists will perform and exhibit works by Cage, works inspired by Cage and new adaptations of Cage. The evening includes: Cage’s Song Books, a Radio Orchestra, A Micro Opera conducted by card games, Cactus Chess, Amplified I Ching divining, a period of silence, prepared piano installations. The line up includes: Richard Barnard, Tom Bugs, Seth Cooke, Matt Davies, Kathy Hinde, Andy Keep, Dominic Lash, Sarah Moody, Phil Owen, Shirley Pegna, Liz Purnell and James Saunders.

We’re playing a new piece which I’ve just managed to finalise after a year or so of thinking about it. The idea first took shape on holiday in Switzerland last year, and having returned to the same place again this year I’ve worked out its final format. It’s called object networks and I’ll post some images soon.

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