new #[unassigned]

I’m working on the first new piece to stem from my previous #[unassigned] project since 2009. Simon Reynell asked me to make a long version for a future another timbre release, working with Apartment House. We’ll be recording in Huddersfield in the middle of April in a session which will also include pieces by Joseph Kudirka which I’m really looking forward to hearing. The new piece is formally distinct from #[unassigned] though, and will be assigned #15, part of the series of pieces that I decided to release after completing #[unassigned] in order to make them available for future performance. It’ll be for seven players and last c.45 minutes, so it will be one of the longer pieces. It feels very strange to revisit this material and working process having increasingly distanced myself from this approach over the past six years. I’m quite enjoying piecing together the material again. Alongside alto flute, piano, percussion, chamber organ, viola and cello I’m dusting off the old dictaphones (literally), and probably buying a shortwave radio after discovering WebSDR last week. I’m not sure about the release date, but hopefully it will come out later in the year if the piece works OK.