what you must do

what you must do

I had a very quick return trip to London on Tuesday to hear Dedalus play my piece what you must do, rather than must not do. It was written for them and Apartment House as part of the ensemble exchange programme they were running, which saw the same programme performed in Montpelier in the Sonorités festival, and in London.

The piece involves players individually recording a series of instructions, such as ‘pitch 4, noise 1, device 4 on…’ and so on. The recordings are then swapped between players, and used in performance to direct their actions. The recordings are played so that the audience can hear them too.  This piece is one of a few I’m working on at the moment which involve recorded scores.

Here’s a video Tim Parkinson made. We should have another one soon with multiple camera angles. It will be like a TV programme.

Here’s a recording, made by Sandra Giuro Longa


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