Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

I’ve spent the last couple of days doing a little tidying up of online things that I have some sense of control over. So this includes:

Updating my main website and sorting out some things that needed reformatting. So there is now a videos page that brings together all the videos I have of my own work, Parkinson Saunders stuff, and other things. I’ve also updated all my score listings to include everything I have for free download. I’ve made links in the menu to my Bandcamp page, and the new Parkinson Saunders tumblr where we’re sticking all our videos. I also updated my publications list on the research page, which was missing a few things and needed some reformatting.

Tim and I have also been making some new videos, as well as organising all the existing ones into one place. There are a few recent videos that weren’t online, like the pieces we did in Norway in 2018 (Parkinson Saunders with seven double basses!) with Michael Duch. The new videos are non-synchronised versions of Alvin Lucier’s Opera with Objects, Tim’s two cardboard boxes, and his new piece 24 Preludes. We also cast out minds back in nostalgic fashion to Ostrava in 2001 where our first duo activity, prior to Parkinson Saunders, was a very enjoyable piano synchronising process which we ended up calling Button Moon. I still don’t know why.

I will try to add more things over the next few weeks.

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