Hausmusik Kollektiv

Hausmusik Kollektiv

I’ve just added a piece to Claudia Molitor’s Hausmusik Kollektiv, a collection of scores designed for home use. My piece is new(ish), and titled evolution occurs slowly or not at all. It stems from an exercise we did in the MA class at Bath Spa at the end of last year. It presents a collection of sound files that may gradually transform over multiple generations. The project is open to distributed participants who select any two of the available files and listen to them simultaneously while trying to recreate what they hear using any sound-producing means. Participants record their recreation and add it to the collection of sound files. Over the course of the project, the files may evolve based on the adaptations and mutations introduced by the participants. There is also a map of the tree of relationships that I’ll update. The title is taken from Richard Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker (1986).

There is some more information here, where you can see the score, current group of recordings, and the network map.

Please contribute something!

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