new videos

new videos

Tim and I have been making some new videos over the past couple of weeks. We started by making versions of two pieces we have played a lot live: Tim’s two cardboard boxes and Alvin Lucier’s Opera with Objects. Both work well as unsynchronised independent recordings, and we just edited them together. We also raided the back catalogue from the very beginning with a video version of Button Moon, the piece (I think?) we made together in Ostrava in 2001 prior to starting a duo. It evolved out of playing random alternating notes on a couple of grand pianos we couldn’t quite reach, and the surprise when we both played the same pitch. So that’s what happens here.

Tim has also made a new piece for us, which involves 12 short scenes with Playmobil characters, again filmed independently. We discovered he has original ones, and ours are the newer kind that are both smaller and don’t have independent legs. So there are some differences. We really enjoyed making the film, and on finding my children’s figures in the loft I was amazed to see that the available clothing options meant I could do this:

I’m thinking through some ideas at the moment, but we’re planning on making more films over the next few weeks. Can’t believe we’ve not done this before.

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