ultimate notebook solution

ultimate notebook solution

It’s been nearly four years since I bought a Whitebook notebook, and I’ve finally filled it up. Of course, I haven’t really as it’s a modular folder containing four separate notebooks, so I just need to replace one, but those original books are now full. In the meantime I’ve also found a really good paper/digital solution that has allowed me to work in a more hybridised manner. My current working method is to make all my notes in the paper notebook, and then periodically scan the pages using the Evernote document photo option. I have an Evernote notebook for each of the Whitebook notebooks, so I can refer to the notes digitally as well. It’s also good to know that I have a backup in case I lost the original. In addition, I also scan any other bits of paper that end up getting used when the notebook isn’t to hand. This gives me the flexibility of my older modular page approach. The other advantage is the tagging, so some pages with unrealised ideas get tagged ‘ideas for pieces’ and combined with the handwriting recognition means it’s really quick to find previous ideas when needed for reference.


This is all good, but unfortunately it means I can’t buy any other notebooks. I have a slightly dangerous obsession with notebooks, so it’s probably good that I don’t really need to buy any as I think otherwise it could get expensive (although the Whitebook wasn’t exactly cheap). That said, I’m not the only one, as the Notebook Stories blog testifies. I think if I did own that many notebooks I’d just feel guilty all the time for not filling them. Since purging my phone of all non-essential apps a few weeks ago (no games, no internet!) I am writing more which is good, but all that paper….so little time.


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