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March 13, 2012 - composition / workbook

I think I’ve finally cracked the notebook situation. Since filling my MUJI B5 ringbinder notebooks a couple of years ago I’ve been struggling to find an alternative system. I posted previously about looking for another modular system which worked for me, settling in the end on A4 sheets and a folder as a way of working on multiple projects simultaneously. This was OK, but for some reason I like things to have a binding, which can be a problem if modularity is required. I didn’t really want to go down the ring binder/filofax  route, so looked for some modular notebooks. There are a few systems on the market, like the German X17 which looked promising. This has a set of detachable notebooks which are held in a cover by elastic. I found some whilst in Basel last year, but the elastic didn’t really work for me, and its position on the outside of the spine looked like it would catch on things. I then discovered the Swiss Whitebook system, which is essentially identical, but with the elastic housed within the binding. The materials are good quality too, and they are ethically made. They aren’t cheap though! I decided to save up and buy a big and small version.

In the end I realised that it was just a matter of organisation with sketching and making notes that was causing me problems. I’d been tied to my previous method of working where each new idea was on a separate sheet, so decided to work in a more linear manner, filing up pages in sequence and creating a summarised contents page at the beginning with lists of page numbers for each piece or new idea. It seems to be working for now…

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