Tim Parkinson interview

Tim Parkinson interview

A couple of days ago I was watching Tim’s Time with People again. It’s an astonishing combination of mess (literally, given the detritus strewn across the stage) and organisation, revealing the character of the performers in a range of different tableaux. We performed Opus 1 last year at Kings Place, and the sense of personal openness that it creates permeates a lot of the spoken text in the complete opera, with the performers responding in different ways to cues that we as listeners do not see. A lot of the piece feels like overhearing one end of a telephone conversation. It is very beautiful.

So it seemed like a good idea to upload the interview with Tim this week. It was another email interview, completed at the end of 2003 just prior to our first performance as Parkinson Saunders. It’s been wonderful to see how Tim’s music has changed since then, and the songs we recorded in the last couple of years have been amongst my most enjoyable experiences as a performer.

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