I’ve just started a new project called MAKE SOUND HERE which combines my interest in environmental sounds, distributed activities, and maps. The website documents places where interesting sounds can be made by interacting with the environment in some way.

So far I’ve included a pedestrian crossing button in Trondheim, some metal bollards in Bristol, and the noticeboard outside my office in Bath. The project is participatory though, so anyone can submit a sound when they find something of interest and upload it. The site uses software by Audioboo, who have been incredibly helpful in helping me get it started. The geotagging facility their software offers means that it is possible to find places very easily and then recreate sounds which have been uploaded. This stems from my love of geocaching.

So far I’ve uploaded a few sounds, but really want others to contribute, so please spread the word if you can. It’s really easy to do. You just need to download the label from the site, record the sound, photograph where or how it is made, and then upload via

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