open scores lab online

open scores lab online

After sorting out my website, I’ve also finally made an update to the Open Scores Lab pages to reflect what’s going on at the moment with the group.

We’ve had a slight change over the past year, with the previous Wednesday sessions turning into more of a weekly visiting composer talk, some of whom are a little more in the OSL area, other less so, but we’ve had some really amazing people talk about a wide range of work.

We’ve moved the main lab sessions to Fridays online, and the group is really great, with our amazing PhD composers, Matthew Sergeant and Robert Luzar. We’ve tried out some new virtual work by Caitlin Rowley and Goni Peles, and looked at a new proposal for residential work by Cameron Graham. Harry Matthews, Aaron Moorehouse and Oogoo Maia have been developing their work on socially-engaged practice, and Misha Penton has been showing some new ideas around a collection of naval maps she owns. Vassilis Chatzimakris has been making a series of interfacial score video performances, and James Oldham is investigating comic timing with transcriptions of standup, as well as an amazing medieval knight piece. Oliver Ginger has been walking around Andover when he’s allowed to, documenting more pieces in his borders series.

It’s one of my favourite things each week, and it’s been great to have a chance to meet online on a regular basis with most of the group.

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