two things online.

two things online.

I’m dropping in on a performance by The Assembled from York on Monday 22 March as part of their streamed performance. As well as pieces by Pauline Oliveros and Morton Feldman, they will be playing my piece from last year, people do things apart which was written for an online video call. It’s with a slightly smaller group of players than the first performance we did last year, but that should change the dynamic considerably. I’ll be controlling the muting again, which feels a little uncomfortable given all the players are female. I think this is the first time a version of things to do has had this situation, so it will be interesting to see what it does.

Then on 27 May, Tim and I are doing a Parkinson Saunders show as part of the series run by Emmanuelle Waeckerle. It will also be online, and we’ll probably have some new pieces to play. Once we make them.

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