Darmstadt Aural Documents

Darmstadt Aural Documents

IMD and NEOS have just released the fourth edition of their Darmstadt Aural Documents series. Volume 4 focuses on music for piano performed at the Ferienkurse from the 1950s to the present, and includes my piece #070702 performed by Nic Hodges. The piece is for piano with ebows, and I slightly misjudged the need for Nick to have his feet on the pedals while playing inside the piano, creating a few balance issues.

The full set includes piece by the following composers: Andre, Aperghis, Apostel, Baltakas, Barden, Barlow, Bartók, Boucourechliev, Boulez, Bussotti, Castiglioni, Clementi, Criton, Engelmann, Evangelisti, Febel, Ferneyhough, Ferrari, Flammer, Heyn, Kagel, Kayn, Killmayer, Krebber, Kubisch, Kurtág, Lachenmann, Lang, Mack, Marie, Mochizuki, Poppe, Rayeva, Rihm, Rothman, Saunders, Schönberg, Sciarrino, Sessions, Steen-Andersen, Stiebler, Stockhausen, Tanaka, Webern, Wolpe, Xenakis, Zimmermann, Žuraj

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