new orchestra piece

new orchestra piece

I’m working on a new piece for BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra at the moment for next year’s Tectonics festival in Glasgow, curated by Ilan Volkov. It will be played at the festival in May, and I’m currently thinking about ways to organise large groups of people. Most of the pieces I’ve made over the past four years have been for very small groups interacting through live decision-making, so I’m very excited about working on these processes with a much larger group. It will be my first opportunity to try this out after initial work on my other two orchestra pieces – geometria situs (2010) for SWR Sinfonieorchestra at Donaueschingen, and things whole and not whole (2011) for Basel Sinfonietta. The new piece is likely to draw on decision-making but with more explicitly shaped material, following some work on this with reassigned earlier in the year. Lots to think about though. I’ve got a couple of other big projects coming up later in 2017-18 so it’s going to be great to have some space to try these ideas out with larger groups.

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  1. Great news James, looking forward to hearing it. Good to have more of your music played in Scotland

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