some new pieces at Cut and Splice

some new pieces at Cut and Splice

I’ve finally finished a new piece for Plus Minus for this year’s Cut and Splice at Cafe Oto. It’s a trio for Mark Knoop, Vicky Wright and Alice Purton with sampling keyboards and many objects. The piece – like you and like you – explores imitation and decision making in a slightly different way to some of my other group behaviour pieces as there’s no verbal communication this time. Players copy actions and sounds made by other ensemble members while initiating their own, but the difference between some of the sounds is not always particularly clear, making them hard to imitate.

In the same concert there’s a second performance of the piece I made in 2012 for the Cage centenary titled AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED DEVICES BEING TURNED ON AND OFF. The title pretty much explains what happens, and it looks like we’ll be spending most of the next month sourcing some instruments.

The whole programme looks great, and very pleased to see some pieces by Peter Ablinger, Simon Løffler and Cathy van Eck. Come along, should be fun.

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