KNM Berlin know what to do

KNM Berlin know what to do

KNM Berlin are playing a new piece in my series things to do in Cottbus next month. The rather wordily titled we do what you say and say what to do is similar to last year’s you say what to do, but the players also give each other instructions in addition to those supplied by the assistants. I’m expecting this to create some slightly more factionalised results, but let’s see. The performance will take place as part of KNM Berlin’s residency at the kulturradio Galerienwanderung, and there will be three versions performed, working with the KNM Campus Ensemble as the volunteers.

We’re also doing a short workshop version of the piece at the RMA conference in Birmingham in September, where I’ll be joined by Lauren Redhead, Steve Gisby and Richard Glover along with some volunteers.

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