all voices are heard (but not necessarily seen)

One of my new pieces, all voices are heard, was performed at Goldsmiths in London on 6 June as part of the Music and/as Process event. I was very pleased to be joined by Richard Glover, John Lely, Luke Nickel, Tim Parkinson, Mira Benjamin and Scott McLaughlin, although we didn’t quite manage to point the camera in the right direction so you’ll have to imagine the rest of Scott (and his performance shirt). The piece explores consensus decision making. The idea is that the players all have the same set of sounds which they must order into a sequence, and then over a series of repeats attempt to converge such that they all play in unison. This is done non-verbally. In this performance we used lists of ten words in different categories rather than instrumental sound, but that is also a way to do the piece. We started off fairly collegiately, but gradually started to mess around with the system as the piece progresses. And ‘fimbriated’ means ‘having a narrow border’, as found around stripes on some flags.