location composites (2011- )

The location composite series comprises geocaches containing verbal scores. The scores ask the finder to interact with the local environment in an activity which contributes towards the production of a secondary score. These secondary scores are used for subsequent performances.

The first three pieces all use geocaching, but subsequent pieces use a variety of means of distribution.

#1: Portbury Wharf

hidden: 03.05.11

find the geocachedownload score

#2: Avonmouth Bridge

hidden: 10.10.12

find the geocache /  download score

#3: Chapel Pill Farm

hidden: 11.08.12

find the geocache /  download score

saunders copy

#4: The Reading Room, Carrick-on-Shannon

hidden: 25-27.10.13 [now removed]

download score

020809 075

#5: Prince Street Bridge, Bristol

notebook distributed: 22.10.13