mainly slow organ music

Huw Morgan played my first organ piece – amongst it all, some occasional moments of respite – at All Saints Clifton in Bristol on Saturday. The performance was part of his mainly slow organ music series in which he has presented a load of new pieces, a lot of which were written for him. The concert on Saturday also included a really great new piece by Dante Boon, and it was lovely to meet him at last. Both our pieces dealt with repetition, settling and navigation in different ways. There is a recording of the performance on bandcamp, and the score is available here. Listening to the piece it struck me how closely aligned it is with some of the modular synth things I’ve been messing around with recently, but substituting controlled randomness with the difficulties presented to the player in finding a way through the piece. This is also part of what might become a series of puzzle-like maze pieces, which also include the nine labyrinths that Elliot Simpson recently premiered in Mexico.