some old new pieces

some old new pieces

I’ve just uploaded three pieces I made last year which needed a bit of an edit. They are all a little outside of some of the things I’ve been doing recently but good to add them now.

The first is a set of looping guitar pieces called nine labyrinths, although strictly speaking they are mazes. They extend a looping system I’ve been working on for a while, which presents multiple interlocking routes through a line of material

The second is a set of canons for multiples of the same instrument, currently double bass, guitar, clarinet, trumpet and piano. The canons are really loose and also allow players to cut in with verbal cues to create some disruption

Finally a set of exercises called social studies which came out of an abandoned version of a previous piece. All of the studies are flexible and play with ways of people playing together. In a sense they are sketches or compressed versions of some of the things I’ve made over the past ten years, but the aim is that they work as material to play with in informal groups.

All of the pieces can be found on the compositions page.

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