Together in music book chapter published

Together in music book chapter published

I have a chapter in the new OUP volume Together in Music, edited by Renee Timmers, Freya Bailes and Helen Daffern. The book emerged from the conference of the same name held in York in January 2018, at which I was one of the keynote speakers. The event brought together a fascinating range of contributions from speakers that explored the social aspects of music making and their role in ensembles. The book itself presents many of these (36 chapters!), and I’m looking forward to seeing where some of the work presented three years ago has ended up.

My chapter is the first published version of the talk on group behaviours in music that I was touring around a couple of years ago, but distilled into a slightly different format that uses Donelson Forsyth’s group dynamics framework as a way to think about compositional strategy. It includes reference to work by lots of other great composers, and to my work.

More information available at the OUP website.

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