things to do at a distance

things to do at a distance

Well I finally made a lockdown piece. After all the seminars, tutorials, and meetings I’ve been involved with, it seemed like a good idea to make a version of things to do which uses video chat as a medium. So last week we recorded people do things apart. I was really pleased to get together such a great group, and we nearly had a few more but personal situations, work, technology failure, and time zones conspired against us. In the end we had an ensemble of 12 comprising Nomi Epstein, Larry Goves, Louis d’Heudieres, Mark Knoop, Rebecca Lenton, Thierry Madiot, Ruben Martinez Orio, Tim Parkinson, Katharina Plate, Gwen Rouger, Primož Suki?, and Kathryn Williams. They were all people who have played multiple versions of things to do.

The piece works in the normal way, with the players all giving and responding to cues. I act as a kind of moderator/host/dictator who only gives cues, but also has the power to mute individual players. The players can unmute themselves, but not affect each other.

We recorded using Google Meet, Quicktime, and local audio devices, and then I mixed this together to make a version that gives some sense of what happened, essentially from my perspective.

Anyway, here it is:

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