on tour in Norway

We’re just gearing up for a Parkinson Saunders tour of Norway with Michael Duch at the end of October. We’ll be playing in Bergen (30/10), Trondheim (31/10), Inderøy (1/11), Oslo (2/11) and Tønsberg (3/11). The programme will be a mix of Parkinson Saunders duos, solos by Michael, and trios for all of us. We’ll probably do some versions of Tim’s as yet untitled piece that is a wonderful compendium of short sequences played independently (mostly). We tried this out for the first time over the summer at Snape Maltings as part of the CAPPA summer school organised by Larry Goves. I have a new piece for the three of us which will involve some storytelling, with sounds. It’s going to be a great trip, although I’ve just seen the flight times….