On the beach in Suffolk

On the beach in Suffolk

Summer update part three: I had a lovely time working as a tutor on the CAPPA course at Snape Maltings directed by Larry Goves. Although Tim and I dropped in only right at the end when the composers were busy finishing off pieces, it was fantastic to work with them where we could. Tim and I did a short set with new work in progress by each of us, and it was very useful to get feedback from everyone. It was a really astonishing group of people, who made pieces for each other to play, working with The House of Bedlam. The composers were Andy Ingamells, Michael Brailey, Alex Nikiporenko, Zakia Fawcett, Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari, Emily Kennedy, Aaron Parker, Kanae Mizobuchi, Callum Coomber, Mayah Kadish, Maja Linderoth.

There’s more information on the week here

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