constant interchange of the most various kinds

constant interchange of the most various kinds

The piece I wrote for CoMA’s Partsong Book was performed in the summer at the CoMA Summer School by participants in the course. The piece is for a small ensemble of at least three players, each of whom has six sound sources: a field recording played back through headphones laid on the table, a spoken text which relates to the recording, an object which also relates to the recording moved across the table, breath noise, singing and whistling. Like a lot of my pieces, all of these sounds are played back at minimal volume in order to destabilise them and draw them closer together, rendering them indistinct. The players then must balance the sounds between them, such that only one of each is present at any one time.

There’s a lovely video of the performance below – make sure you keep the sound fairly low though. Thanks to all the performers and to James Weeks for organising it.

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