Open Scores Lab

Open Scores Lab

The new research group I’ve initiated at Bath Spa University meets for the first time on Wednesday 7 October. Open Scores Lab brings together creative practitioners and researchers in a range of disciplines including composition, improvisation, visual art, performance art, graphic design, and creative computing. We’ll be looking at approaches to score making and giving instructions in a range of different contexts, including music. Each meeting will feature staff and PhD researchers at Bath Spa, and a visiting speaker. I’m super excited about this year’s group of speakers, who are Michael Winter, Cassandra Miller, David Pocknee, Jennifer Walshe, Matthew Shlomowitz, Peter Ablinger and Cathy von Eck.

On Wednesday in Lab 1 we have Louis d’Heudieres and Luke Nickel talking about the oral communication of instructions, followed by Michael Winter presenting some recent work and discussing combinatorics.

For more information, please see the Open Scores Lab website

3 responses to “Open Scores Lab”

  1. May I attend these sessions now that my MA is completed?

    1. Hi Chek
      Yes, please do!

  2. Hi James,
    I”d be interested in attending if you’re continuing these seminars.

    I’m teaching performance at USW.

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