reassigned #1 performed at ddmmyy

reassigned #1 performed at ddmmyy

Last week my new piece reassigned #1 was performed at the first ddmmyy series event in London, 210416|JS#r1|Ltpor/bot|TPsfm|JW/ajftggb|JSripcm2016|JFcm2 (and that seems to have messed up WordPress formatting). I was extremely disappointed not to be able to make it but logistics my end made it impossible. The performance sounds great though, and everyone did a very good job, really understanding the sounds. Luckily it was recorded, and I’ve posted the audio below. Thanks to Jack for organising it and to everyone who played in the performance. The performers were:

Violin: Tim Crawford
Viola: Tom Widdicombe
Cello: Deni Teo
Bowed Objects: Chloë Abbott, Peter Ashwell, Elliot Gresty, Martin Ludenbach, Tom Rose, Jack Sheen, Alexei Watkins.
The bowed objects included a variety of wine glasses, glass mugs, normal mugs, pan lids, pans, a fruit bowl, a plastic circular CD protective sheet, a cardboard box, two cafetieres, some plates and a double bass stool. I thought there was going to be a ladder too, but seems that didn’t make the cut (or the tube).

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    1. Thanks Alan!

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