unassigned > assigned > reassigned

This feels a bit like mining the back catalogue, but I’ve just made the first piece in a new series that uses the old modules from #[unassigned]. In the original series the particular configurations were only performed once, like bespoke compositions, and then after concluding that project I made some of those versions available as assigned, and some of them have had a few performances. The new series takes the modules and does something different with them, repurposing them to an extent, and is called reassigned. The new piece is for string trio and an ensemble of bowed resonant objects. I’ve picked mostly modules for violin, viola and cello that contain short sounds, points essentially. The different overlays of these modules produces a grid of points, and then the ensemble plays sustained tones to join them. So it brings together the soundworld of #[unassigned] with the interpersonal cueing I’ve been using more recently. It’s a kind of distillation of both strands of my work.

The piece is being played at ddmmyy in Hackney Wick on 21 April. It’s another really interesting looking series that, along with KammerKlang, Weisslich, 840, bastard assignments and of course Music We’d Like to Hear, makes me wish I was a little nearer to London. Those last trains home are far too early unfortunately.