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December 27, 2015 - workbook

My room is now a bit of a mess after Christmas. It’s mostly because we’ve just dumped everything there every night and left it. Although I cleared a load of things out today, it’s still not conducive to doing any work so tomorrow is going to be tidy up day. I’ve got a big desk which I love, but surfaces collect things you can put on surfaces. So perhaps a smaller desk might be good. The fact of having a messy workspace has confirmed two things for me though:

  1. Not having a clear desk is not an excuse to not work. Although I think I work better when my desk is clear and everything is tidy, in reality I don’t think this probably makes any difference as I just find other things to distract me* or give me a reason to check my email.
  2. I can work in different places. I’m finding myself in the kitchen (also with a big table, and generally with nothing on it) or anywhere else with a flat surface. This is a good thing.

So although I do genuinely feel happier when my desk is clear, it’s not really that important to what I do. I probably get more done on a train journey.


*in particular, I just had a free 3-month Sky Sports voucher, so am spending late nights watching Australia demolish West indies, and early mornings and as much of the day as possible watching South Africa and England battle it out.

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