like you and like you at Cut and Splice

Now it’s been broadcast on Hear and Now, I am sharing the video of the performance of my new piece like you and like you from last week’s Cut and Splice festival at Cafe Oto. The festival was curated by Joanna Bailie and co-produced by Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3 (and there’s a great video sampler of both concerts here). Plus Minus as ever did a fantastic job, and it was lovely to work with Vicky, Mark and Alice on the piece, as well as collecting the very specific instruments required. It’s odd to listen back to it on the radio without seeing how the sounds are produced. As you can see in the video, it’s a mix of live sounds produced using objects and samples triggered by the keyboard. There’s some blurring of categories though, so each acoustic sound has a scaled up or impractical sound sample equivalent – cap gun and cannon, metronome and car indicators, and so on. Each player needs to imitate the sounds made by the other two players as best they can, with each leading and responding to create chains of association.