Interviews available online

Interviews available online

I’m gradually making available online the 14 interviews I conducted a few years ago that were originally published in the Ashgate book. I’m beginning with Christian Wolff, and will be uploading one each week for the next few months. Ashgate are very kindly allowing me to reprint the interviews in this way, and are offering a 50% discount on the print copy with the code A15JLU50, which can be redeemed at

I’m really pleased to be publishing them finally in this form. My original intention was simply to make a book of interviews with composers and improvisers whose work I admired – nothing more. The eventual volume, which contained these interviews and articles by other writers, was not a ‘research companion’ in that sense and justifiably has come in for some criticism as a result. I hope making the texts available in this way will allow them to reach a wider readership and clarify my original intention.

The first interview with Christian Wolff is available here, and my interview page is here

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