Word Events book published

As the picture shows, the book on verbal notation John Lely and I wrote over the past three years is now published! This is a pre-release copy, so it may be a couple of weeks before it’s available, and I think it comes out in the USA first. We had a great time working on the book, and the support from David Barker at Continuum made it a real pleasure to make. We are also very grateful to Kim Storry at Fakenham Press for the production – it was quite a complex project in the end! The project was made possible by an AHRC research award, and through support from Bath Spa University.

The book itself contains scores and other contributions from many people active as composers, artists, and performers who work with verbal notation. Their input is what makes the book, and we were continually amazed by the support everyone showed in allowing us access to their scores, and their readiness to answer the very many questions we posed. Our biggest regret was not being able to include everyone and everything we found.

If you want to buy the book (please do – it’s great value, even if you only want to see the scores!), then there’s some information at the Continuum website. You can buy it elsewhere of course too…