book and journal nearly ready

book and journal nearly ready

The outcomes of the two writing projects I’ve been working on over the past three years look likely to appear at around the same time. The book Word Events: Perspectives on Verbal Notation which I wrote with John Lely, supported by some wonderful contributors, is almost complete. John has just finished compiling the index, and we’re nearly there with the final corrections. The book is likely to come out in May, and I’ll post here when it’s ready. In the meantime, there’s some information at the Continuum website.

The volume of Contemporary Music Review on the Wandelweiser composers that I’ve been editing with Nicholas Melia will be published by Taylor & Francis on 25 April (2011, Vol 30, Issue 6). It contains articles by both of us, as well as M. J. Grant and G. Douglas Barrett, and an extended bibliography. My article is about the use of multipart series by the Wandelweiser composers, drawing on my interest in creating series in my own work.

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