circulated book pieces

IMG_0478My circulated book pieces explore collaborative and curatorial compositional strategies. Each book is passed from one collaborator to the next in sequence until the final page is complete, at which point it is returned to me. Collaborators are asked to pass the book to someone who is unknown to the person from whom they received it, in order to widen the distribution. At no point during the circulation before the book’s completion should they contact me.

The books all require the collaborators to add notations to the book they receive. The notations form part of the resultant piece. In some pieces, such as 78 duos, the role of the collaborator is more individual, whilst in others, such as x sequential pitches, it is constrained. Each piece recognises the role of the collaborators in its creation.

Currently, the circulated book pieces are:

238 instances of loss (2008-)
ways of making sounds described in fewer than twenty words (2009-)
x sequential pitches (2011-)
78 duos (2011-)
six surfaces, all of the same dimensions but otherwise different (2012- )


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