78 duos (2011- )

78 duos comprises two notebooks, sent out simultaneously to two different recipients. There are 78 numbered pages in each notebook. Recipients are asked to notate one activity which involves sound production on the next available page. When both books are returned, activities on corresponding pages of each notebook are performed together as a duo.

notebooks distributed: May 2011

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new circulated book pieces

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I sent out two new circulated book pieces recently. In this project, a pocket notebook containing instructions for making the piece is sent to someone who agrees to participate. They follow the instructions, which involve a notation activity, and then pass the book to someone else, and so on. The scores gradually accumulate as they are passed between people, finally being returned to me once complete.

The first of the two new books, x sequential pitches, asks participants to notate between one to five pitches on a page, producing a long series of pitches which will be used as part of a composition.

The latest piece, 78 duos, comprises two notebooks, each of which is circulated separately. Participants are asked to notate an action which involves sound production. All pages are numbered, so that on completion, the actions specified on p.38 of each notebook, for example, are played together in a performed piece.

The first book, 239 instances of loss was sent out in December 2008. It has not returned yet.


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