I’m gradually working through each of the versions of #[unassigned] I made from 2000-2009, trying to piece together what I can remember about how they were made. The posts combine excerpts from my notebooks, listening back to recordings and looking through scores and sketches, and eventually some photographic records. I’ll begin adding scores for each version, and where possible the recordings of the live performances. Hopefully this might be of interest to anyone who heard the versions live, and will also make some of this work available to anyone who is curious. I’d really welcome comments from anyone who was involved in performing the pieces or who heard them live.

#180700, SUONO MOBILE, Darmstadt Internationalen Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Germany / #091200, SUONO MOBILE, NeueMusikNacht, Freiburg, Germany

#051000, Apartment House, The Warehouse, BMIC Cutting Edge series

#280101, Darragh Morgan, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

#010201, Darragh Morgan, The Tabernacle, London

#160301, (with Mathew Adkins), Anton Lukoszevieze & Melvyn Poore, electric spring, Huddersfield

#010401, Andrew Sparling, Darragh Morgan, Anton Lukoszevieze, Jacksons Lane, London

#080401, duo Contour, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester / #300501, duo Contour, Breisach, Germany / #310501, duo Contour, Freiburg, Germany [trumpet, percussion]

#030501 [1-2] Apartment House, Djagnoly Hall, Nottingham, BMIC Cutting Edge Tour [e-guitar, clarinet, cello, 2 CDs] / #200501 [1-3] Apartment House, Brighton Festival, BMIC Cutting Edge Tour [e-guitar, clarinet, cello, voice, 2 CDs]