We are often faced with situations where we need to find ways for separate elements to combine, such as when repairing a broken plate, packing the boot of a car before a long trip, or solving a crossword. In such situations, a change to one element necessitates a change in others in order to work towards a solution. Sometimes this involves trial and error, and at others it requires careful planning and logical deduction.

trying to make things fit together for trumpet involves attempting to work through two separate looping sets of pitches to make them coincide on the same pitch, trying to work out ways to navigate through the circuitous paths available. The two sets are differentiated by contrasting muted sounds, except when the pitches coincide and are blended together to indicate a match.

Written for Joe Hamlen and first performed by him at trumpets have also brought walls tumbling down, King Charles the Martyr Church, Falmouth, 14.10.23.