template with alterations (2010)

template (with alterations) comprises a series of score pages for low instruments, each of which contains six lines. Sounds specified in the top line of each page are repeated in subsequent lines, but with additions and alterations: these sounds are, however, always present. The result is a sequence of long loops.template with alterations was written for Manuel Zurria, and first performed by him and James Saunders at the Villa Romana, Florence, 6 March 2010.

Currently, instrumental parts [number of pages] are available for:

alto/bass flute [8]
bass/contrabass clarinet [2]
french horn [2]
viola [5]
cello [5]
concertina [2]
low auxiliary instruments

duration: multiples of 6’

Live performance by incidental music (Julia Eckhardt, Normisa Pereira da Silva, Stefan Thut) at Galerie Mark Müller, Zürich, 7 July 2009.