Yesterday we started a new topic in our postgrad composition seminar at Bath Spa, focusing on design. This has started me thinking about some aspects of my working methods and practice more widely. Matt Sergeant opened up some really amazing ideas about the nature of design and how we might apply it to what we […]

interview for neue musik leben

A couple of weeks ago Irene Kulka interviewed me for her podcast Neue Musik Leben, and the episode is now out. It is a slightly more chatty interview and wider ranging than just talking about pieces, which was fun to do. Thanks to Irene for a lovely chat. It’s part of a really great series, […]

James Saunders: #181203 (2003)

James Saunders: #200707 (2007)

James Saunders: #070607 (2007)

Luke Nickel: String Trio No. 1 (2018) (Source:

Tim Parkinson: House of Common (2018) (Source:

Tim Parkinson / James Saunders: Button Moon (2001) (Source:

Tim Parkinson: 24 Preludes (2020) (Source:

Tim Parkinson: two cardboard boxes (2003) (Source:

Alvin Lucier: Opera with objects (1997) (Source:

Paul Whitty: Ricercare (2008) (Source:

Tim Parkinson: and I do like (from songs 2011) (Source:

tumblr_q82w5kDtD81yezz79o1 John White: Wine Connoisseurs Shoot Out (2014)

James Saunders: reaching an acceptable and stable solution (2018) (Source:

Tim Parkinson: House of Common (2018) (Source:

James Saunders: overlay (1) / overlay (2) (2012) (Source:

We made a Parkinson Saunders site.

It’s just a few videos for the moment, but after making a Parkinson Saunders site that we never updated a few years ago, we decided to make a new one on tumblr. We’ve just started making some videos of pieces where we record each part independently, starting with Tim’s two cardboard boxes, so will put […]

Tim Parkinson: Songs 2011 (Source:

James Saunders: alternate between attention and ease (Source:

Matthew Shlomowitz: Letter Piece No. 5, Northern Cities (Source:

no videos, again

So all my videos hosted on Vimeo have been removed as someone at work has uploaded stuff with copyright material and they’ve cancelled the account. Excellent. So I am now downloading everything, uploading to YouTube, and then rebuilding all the links on the website. That’s why none of the videos are there. It might take […]

Group Behaviours talk at Sound and Participation

In February I took part in the Sound and Participation seminar in Gent, organised by Q-O2, Ictus, and hosted at Kask & Conservatorium School of Arts Gent, supported by the Interfaces project (Creative Europe). I’ve been giving variations of this talk over the past few months, and the video of the Gent version is below […]

surfaces in Buffalo

Colin Tucker has posted some documentation of the realisation of surfaces that he organised in May, as part of his null point series in Buffalo’s Echo Art Fair. It was performed at the Buffalo Gear and Axle Plant, with all the sounds being drawn from the floor of this decaying industrial space. The performers were Bob Fullex, Ethan Hayden, […]

Laurence Crane interview

Here is the interview with Laurence Crane that we recorded in June 2007. Laurence preferred to do a spoken interview, and after struggling to find a time to meet we ended up talking on the phone. The interview came at a point where he was starting to work with ‘timbral’ material and we discuss that […]

get my scores

After a few recent conversations, I’ve decided to make my scores available for free download. I’ve made a page with all the links and will gradually add pieces over the next few weeks. They are released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, so the scores can’t be changed (except of course where this is required by […]

Interviews available online

I’m gradually making available online the 14 interviews I conducted a few years ago that were originally published in the Ashgate book. I’m beginning with Christian Wolff, and will be uploading one each week for the next few months. Ashgate are very kindly allowing me to reprint the interviews in this way, and are offering […]

Experimental Music Yearbook

The score of my piece what you must do, rather than must not do (2012) has been included in the 2014 Experimental Music Yearbook. Founded in 2009 by Casey Anderson and John P. Hastings, The Experimental Music Yearbook is a repository for composers, performers, and the public to glean the methods and styles of various artists working […]

so many territories

I’ve uploaded the recording of the first performance of so many territories by Plus Minus at City University in April. The piece draws on some of the techniques used by the Oulipo to create permutations of elements, specifically mutually orthogonal latin squares. Territories are areas ‘in which one has responsibility with regard to a particular type of […]

location composite #6

Will Montgomery has organised a project around a new location composite which will take place in March in London. I’m making a new version for poets Amy Cutler and Andrew Spragg. They will write the descriptions that will be compiled into a score for musicians Kostis Kilymis, Sarah Hughes and Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga to perform on Thursday 6 March. […]

PhD studentships

Bath Spa are part of the new AHRC South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership, which will fund 200 PhDs across the arts and humanities at eight universities in the region over a five year period. This is a really great opportunity if you’re considering a composition PhD, with co-supervision between composers at different Partnership universities […]


I’m featured in the August edition of the German music magazine MusikTexte. There’s an article about my work by Max Nyfeller based on the programme he made for Bayerischer Rundfunk last year, and a translation into German of my article Modular Music, which appeared previously in Perspectives of New Music. This is supported by an […]


I’m always looking for the best way to organise notes and ideas when working on new pieces, or thinking about possible future projects. When I was working on #[unassigned], I had a great B4 format ring binder from MUJI which laid flat when opened. Given my interest in modularity, I found a ring binder very […]


The score for with paper will be distributed at PHONO:GRAPHIC at GALERIE8 on 14 August. It’s part of a series called Sunday Sound Waves, and admission is free. The event on the 14th is curated by SoundFjord,and will also include live performances by Formanex and Tim Yates, together with artworks and installations by David Chapman, […]

new website

I finally decided to change my website after three years with an iWeb template. This is the new one, and it’s just about up and running. Still lots to do though… Why not say hello? Leave a comment below…

location composites

There have been six log entries for location composite #1: Portbury Wharf since hiding the cache on 5 May. The range of descriptions of the local soundscape shows quite a lot of variety. I needed to edit out some of the descriptions of source sounds, but they are otherwise reproduced as written by the geocachers. […]