assigned (2002-)

assigned is a series of pieces which is drawn from my modular composition project #[unassigned] (2000-9). The project led to over 150 versions of the piece, which was flexible in its construction, with each version being formed by a combination of newly composed and pre-existing modules. Each version was different, composed for a specific performance, and normally only performed once. In assigned a selection of the older versions of #[unassigned] have been made available, alongside some new pieces which use the same materials.

Although the idea for reframing these pieces is recent, the dates reflect their original time of composition.

assigned #1 (2007)
duration: 23’54
instruments: 2 perc (bass drum, 2 wood boards, crotales, 2 bows, polystyrene block, tam tam, 2 metal blocks, suspended cymbal, sawblade).pno.2vn.vla.2vc.db
other equipment: 3 radios, 8 dictaphone, 6 bic lids, bow, 2 feedback systems(microphone and 10W guitar amplifier), 2 CD players, 3 coffee stirrers/large toothpicks
Commissioned by Sudwest Rundfunk for Donaueschingen Musiktage. First performed as #211007 by Ensemble Modern on 21 October 2007 at the Donaueschingen Musiktage, and broadcast live on SWR2.

assigned #2 (2002)
duration: 13’24
other equipment:  2 CD players, 4 dictaphones, 3 bic lids, 2 radios.
First performed by Apartment House as #271102 on 27 November 2002 at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

assigned #3 (2007)
duration: 11’00
instruments: 8 voices
other equipment: 4 paper cups, tissue paper.
First performed by EXAUDI as #281107 on 28 November 2007 in Edinburgh.

assigned #4 (2004)
duration: 10’57
other equipment: 3 soft vibraphone beaters, credit card, plastic kitchen scourer, metal washer, violin bow, 2 thick toothpicks/coffee stirrers, 3 dictaphones, cello practise mute, microphone and small (10w) guitar amplifier, portable CD player, walkie-talkies
First performed by plus minus ensemble as #271104 on 27 November 2004 at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

assigned #5 (2002)
duration: 12’09
instruments: 5vn.2vla.2vc.db
First performed by Ensemble Resonanz as #190702 on 19 July 2002 at Darmstadt Internationalen Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik.

assigned #6 (2005)
duration: 60’00
instruments: cello
First performed by Stefan Thut as #230605 on 23 June 2005 at Galerie Mark Muller, Zurich.

assigned #7 (2007-8)
duration: 13’21
instruments: (or vn solo as assigned #7a)
First performed by Angharad Davies and Alex Waterman as #111208 on 11 December 2008 at Ontological Theatre, New York. The violin solo version was first performed as #080607 on 8 June 2007 by Barbara Luneburg in Frankfurt.

assigned #8 (2006)
duration: 20’00
instruments: aux.
other equipment: ebow, multi-effects (delay, harmoniser, reverb, pitch bend, ring modulation, chorus), 6 dictaphones, 3 bic lids, 2 radios, 2 theremins, record player, record, wire brush, 2 feedback setups (microphone/10W guitar amplifier), CD and mini speakers, long hacksaw blade (20cm), clamp, violin bow
First performed by Apartment House as #121006 on 12 October 2006 at the Warehouse, London as part of the BMIC Cutting Edge.

assigned #9 (2005)
duration: 5’00
instruments:, perc. (crotales, thick wooden board, bow, medium-hard mallet, coin)
other equipment: 5 dictaphones, bow, 2 soft vibraphone beaters, credit card, plastic kitchen scourer, 2 thick toothpicks/coffee stirrers, cello practise mute
First performed by ensemble recherche as #110605 on 11 June 2005 at the Historische Kaufhaussal, Freiburg.

assigned #10 (2007)
duration: 8’23
instruments: harp
other equipment: bow
First performed by Rhodri Davies as #290307 on 29 March 2007 at St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.

assigned #11 (2006)
duration: 10’00
instruments: aux
other equipment: 2 radios, ebow.
First performed by plus minus ensemble as #260106 on 26 January 2006 at Stanford University.

assigned #12 (2009)
duration: 9’39
instruments: double bass
First performed by Christopher Williams at the wulf, Los Angeles, on 9 January 2010.

assigned #13 (2004)
duration: 11’15
instruments: piano, dictaphones, CD, ebow
First performed by Sebastian Berweck as #080304 on 8 March 2004 at Stanford University, USA

assigned #14 (2008)
duration: 10’33
instruments: cl.4aux
other equipment: 4 dictaphones, 8 walkie talkies
First performed by David Padgett, Richard Barnard, Kathy Hinde, Roger Huckle, and James Saunders as #140508 at Colston Hall, Bristol

assigned #15 (2015)
duration: 45’00
instruments: alto flute, piano (with ebow), percussion (bass drum, tam tam 2 metal sheets, 2 metal blocks, metal file, 2 wood boards), chamber organ, viola, cello, auxiliary (4 dictaphones, shortwave radio).
assigned #15 was written for Apartment House and recorded by them for another timbre on 16 April 2015 in St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.